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just 30 meters from Lindos main beach

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Arriving at Lindos parking…

Beginning from Lindos main square where the taxi parking station is, on the way to Lindos main beach, just 50 meters away on your right, there’s a short download hill road, reaching the beach. At the end of this road, on your left, you will see the free parking area. You can park there, swim in crystal clear waters, sunbathe, and you can snack or have lunch at the gorgeous beach bar restaurants.  Enjoy your visit at Lindos village!

Follow the sign “Beach Parking 2“. See on map below

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Dear guest please read some information about where the free parking location is situated on the map. Driving on the south east island a visitor will find maybe the most attractive and beautiful village, Lindos! This is a medieval tradditional village on the Greek island of Rhodes. It has only seven hundred inhabitants, greatly outnumbered by tourists in the high season. Being one of the main attractions on the island it is often overcrowded in the mornings when the tourist coaches arrive. Lindos provides a mix of history and beaches. You can also rent a boat in Lindos from the main beach. Otherwise, you must walk in the village streets and visit the ruins of the Acropolis, the Kleoboulous’s tomb, the Church of the Assumption and the St Paul’s Bay. There are many parking places in the area, so be sure that you have found the right and the closest to the beach. Enjoy your visit here! *Note: Another easy way is coming here by the sea. Try a daily Kolymbia boat cruises from the local harbour and come to Lindos, without worry about park location. Also don’t be suprised if you see many just married couples in the village. This place is dreamy for unforgetable weddings in lindos. Enjoy your stay!